VW T4 Stripes

Stripes on any vehicle are seen as an easy addition to any vehicle to break it up somewhat, whilst making it look sporty and quick. The owner of this T4, wanted some stripes to break away from the commecial look that T4 Transporters often suffer from.











The stripes were cut, weeded, and application paper applied before the van arrived, so the proccess could be rapidly achieved whilst the customer waited (and took pictures of the process).

The stripes are laid over the van, and measured to fit straight, before being taped in place, ready for the application to take place.









I wanted these stripes to reflect my attitude to work, and insisted that although possibly not seen they should flow all the way over the top of the van after all there’s no point doing half a job front and rear when theres a whole blank canvas to use/fill on the roof.

Although it meant a bit more prep (as the roof is rarely ever cleaned as much as the sides) and more work entailed to conform the material into the shapes of the ridges and reinforcement on the roof, i’m sure you’ll agree that the results are worth it.








Finally down the back of the van, countouring into all the knooks and crannys including the roof spoiler and profiling around the number plate and trim. Whilst measuring all the time to ensure the stripes continue to run straight down the van.











Finally removal of the application paper and some more conforming leaves a perfectly straight line down the van.












The Final Result: